Men And Skin Care.

Behind are the days where appropriate skin care for men was regarded as nonsense. Today men skin care is more acceptable, and more men worry about their appearance, maybe not as much as women, but they are catching up. Men want to look good, young, attractive, healthy…and why not?

The growing concerns in men to take care of their appearance have been noticed by cosmetic companies, which have developed many new cosmetic products for men.

But before rushing to buy skin care products, make sure that you understand the basics of your skin and what you should be using. Don’t just use your partner’s cosmetic products because the skin is different.

Male Skin Characteristics:

Men’s hormones or testosterone are responsible for male skin characteristics. The main differences between the skin of men and women are:

1 .Men’s skin is 24% thicker than women and the texture is rougher.
2. Collagen and elastin are found in more quantity in man skin.
3. Men’s skin is oilier with open pores and is prone to spots, blemishes and acne.
4. Shaving irritates and dehydrates the skin.
11 Factors Affecting How the Skin Looks

Factors that influence the skin’s appearance which are similar in women and men:

1. Sun

2. Genetics

3. Age

4. Smoking

5. Stress

6. Alcohol

7. Lack of exercise

8. Bad diet

9. Pollution

10. Lack of sleep

11. Dehydration……….

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