Men’s Guide to choosing a bag…

When it comes to style, men are really giving a tough
competition with women and wardrobe items like
men’s carrier bag are gaining variety and creating
an immense effect among men’s style.
Of course, choosing the right bag can often be
confusing and intimidating especially since there are
plenty of options to choose from out there that come
in a variety of colours, materials and sizes. With so
much to consider, it can be hard to know where to
start. Which leaves most men still bag-less – or
settling for the wrong bag.
The most important things to note when choosing the
right bag is; if it fits with the occassion you want to
use it for and if it defines your personalty. These
are contributing factors to selecting the perfect
So with that being said, here are five different types
of bag that are both extremely suitable for any
aspiring stylish gentleman.
#1. The Duffel Bag


If in doubt, this should really be your go-to. This is
because it can perform multiple functions on a daily
basis while still retaining an element of style. It’s
ideal for the gym goer who likes to keep their gear
close to hand and the perfect companion for business
men who travels on the go.
Pick one that is a medium size (i.e. not too small nor
too big) and if possible opt for a leather version in
brown or black.

#2. The Briefcase


This bag is ideal for the modern gentleman who only
ever needs to carry around his laptop and a hand full
of papers.
If you work in an environment that requires you to
wear a suit, I’d suggest purchasing one in black
leather. Anywhere else, try one in canvas for a more
casual look.

#3. The Backpack


As we all know, fashion is in cyles-what goes around
comes around and, right now, that is very true for
the backpack. This is the ideal choice for students,
casual men and also an alternative to your briefcase
especially on a less formal occasion. Try out one in a
bold colour like cobalt blue or canary yellow to really
add a bit of life into your look.

#4. The Messenger Bag


Messenger bags are a stylish alternative to the
briefcase. They are designed with a single strap that
sits across the chest, and can accommodate laptops,
tablets, textbooks, and notebooks easily. They are
available in a variety of
sizes with numerous features, so selecting the right
style can be a challenge.
For daily use, make sure the strap is comfortable and
go for leather material because, it is the most
reliable and are the best bet when it comes to
carrying all the stuff you need to without appearing
as if you are carrying an over filled
sack. For a more formal occasion, opt for traditional
and classy colours like black or brown with cool
sewing details.

#5. The Tote Bag


Although this is the most underrated of the bunch,
it’s great because it can carry a huge amount of
supplies – laptop, camera, magazines, notepads,
spare clothing items, accessories – and virtually
However, it is the most feminine on this list, so in
order to avoid any embarrassment, go for one in a
rugged, and durable style like canvas or suede and
opt for one with handles that are long enough to be
carried over your shoulder.

Source: TheStylistNG

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