My Nail Art 

I love fancy nails although ain’t got a beautiful natural nail but I tend to rock the artificial nails more and comfortably. 


Green powder glitters ,green stones and shiny stones nails

Carrying fancy nails can be breath taking but it’s also advisable to treat your natural nails well before fixing on them cos if they are injured or not treated well the fancy nails can cause more havoc .

Oxblood local matte and glittering stone nails (ballerina shaped)

This is one of my favorites ????

Gel Polish and stone nails
Vintage stone nails (pencil shaped)

Knowing the best shape for your fingers is the major key … Ballerina , square head, round and pencil shapes are all nice but there’s one that soothes your nails more

Blue matte,pearl and stone nails ( pencil shaped)

Try to know what soothes you !!!!


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