Retro Me: Vintage fairy 

I ran into an old friend some weeks ago, we got talking and we saw a lady with the high and mighty afro, black lipstick and some mixed prints attire ( which i’ll talk about soon) suddenly my friend screamed ” Oh! My God this is so vintage and I’m like (Egba miiiii o , ewo tunii dis is so vintage )” . English teacher like I regularly call her looked at me and said “hmmm u bush girl , I mean she looks old school” lol … Taking a close look on the lady’s outfit , I promised myself that I was gonna map out my own vintage style with a touch of trend .



Note: In an outfit , your vintage could be anything. Could be your shirt , pants , skirts or even your shoes but in my case I always go for the vintage shirts

Rocking a vintage shirt has taught me to get matching bags or belt or shoes to give my outfit a soft and sharp look , you know what I mean * wink*

I chose two ways of showing matching items either by flying out my shirt and pairing colours with my bag or tucking in the shirt and pairing my belt and shoes.


When Rocking a vintage shirt , try to keep the accessories simple.

Vintage Shirts are never tight and fitted that’s why they are called VINTAGE 

Outfit is completely affordable ☺☺☺

Lover of weird backgrounds #thatpurpledot #beinspired #tpdmode

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