ThatPurpleDot’s Style Crush 

Hey guys! How have you all been? I’m super excited to write this piece today and I know it’s  a new year and we are here to slay together for the better … For a couple of months I’ve been stalking someone I can call a role model… Did I just say role model? Oh yes ! She is one of my role models…. ADERONKE Slayoncé ADEFALUJO aka therealrhonkefella… 

Rhonkefella as popularly known on Instagram is not just a beautiful slayer but also a fashion enthusiast. Her flare and love for what she does is a Yes Yes for me 💜💜💜

She slays in different forms and is super confident in herself . 

Not only is she a feminist but her perception of life in its diverse forms (love, relationship,religion ,business etc) through her IG captions are captivating 

Recently in December 2016 ,she launched her clothing line @therhonkefellacollections. 

A Fashion blogger , make up artist , brand influencer , Rhonkefella has been nothing but an inspiration 

You can follow her on Instagram @therealrhonkefella or visit her website 

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