Hello ! Holla ! Amigos … Hope you had a great weekend ? Well I did and that’s why I can come up this morning with so much joy to share this feeling with you . 

         Being plus sized or lil bigger than normal is something I’ve always wanted to talk about and I’m glad I’m doing that today . As a matter of fact I’m not plus sized but I have a close person who is and I’ve watched her do all her stuff in the big way …lol just kidding . 


                 In the environment we find ourselves,being plus sized or fat as we call it is almost a disadvantage to the human race cos you feel you can’t get jobs at some certain companies or you can be chosen as the most beautiful girl ( you can’t even apply as a contestant in any beauty pageant ) or when you walk pass everyone stares at you like who is this fat one ?? Hmmm I must say this can be very sad and annoy and that’s why most slim girls even then size 8/10 are busy working out, dieting or drinking slim teas to retain or maintain that hour glass / figure 8 shape , which is good .

     Today I’ll like to share some pictures with you to show you that if you are plus sized or fat , you can still roll with fashion trends and stop being left out wearing only maxi dresses cos you feel that’s where you belong… Hell No darling you can do better than that !!!! 

After seeing this I hope you get up and change your wardrobe if all you have are maxi dresses and big tees  and if your closet is already looking like what we have here then you are good to go baby and Never let anyone call you fat.

I’m sure these photos will justify me when I say you can be big and sexy too . 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget the share and also drop your comments . 

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