Just some days ago someone asked me , Sylvia how did you come up with the name THAT PURPLE DOT  ? I smiled and answered … THAT PURPLE DOT   came as an inspiration on a Sunday afternoon while I was busy racking my brain for a perfect Blog name . I thought all through the night and I couldn’t come up with any name so I started merging my favorite colors and figures etc . First , Black Dot for came to my mind but I wasn’t satisfied though my love for  (polka dots) didn’t permit me to erase the “dot ” from whatever name I could come up with . Then a friend asked me , what other color do you love apart from black ? Purple I said and that was how I came up with the name THAT PURPLE DOT .

Fashion Blogging for me has just begun and I hope you enjoy every bit of my posts .


Turbans: @thatpurpledotcouture

Dress: @thatpurpledotcouture

Shoes and Glasses : @klardcollection

All these are Instagram handles . Do well to follow my Style page on Instagram @thatpurpledotstyle and My Wedding blog page @thatpurpledotweddings

And my online store also on Instagram @thatpurpledotcouture … Thank you !!! 💜💜💜💜

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