Easter Triple F Festival 

The Easter Sale was a huge success , thanks to the organizers @fashionjunkie9ja . 

Now here goes my little story… when I heard about the event in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state , Nigeria , I was super excited cos I’ve always wanted to visit that state but the journey ehn … hmmm 

Yeah we got ready for the two days trade fair and like we thought , it was a success. 

Attending to different people and their different tastes , my crew and I saw another side of business. Some customers just come to your stand to see what’s going on not because they want to patronize but because they want to feed their eyes 

The exhibition was my favorite part of the event, where @tse_ng modeling agency had their models showcase my pieces 

Just to show a few . Thank you Uyo!We’ll do this again. 

My designer extraordinaire (friend ) was also present 

With series of interviews , I also had to do a lot of talking  

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