My Little Big Move

HELLO Reader, apart from the fact that I blog about fashion and lifestyle , I remember I started this blog with the sole aim of sharing some of my personal experiences as life goes on .

My very first post on this blog was about my experience in school in the year 2015. Now school days are over and i’m so into the labor market. Now i’m not working as a graduate of Foreign Languages but as a cloth seller …lol…and i’m super excited I can share my little experience so far.

         Here’s my little experience ……….

After I dropped my pen as a student in July 2016, it dawned on me that i’m no longer a momma’s girl and I would no longer be getting the regular pocket money and all the( lie lie money ) I used to receive.  Then I started thinking about what next to do with my life and I came up with nothing but i knew could not sell bags or shoes or even weaves because every other girl I know has got that going on for her. I practically thought through August till December (hmmmm 5 months of confusion ) lo and behold in December an idea came.

I was in my room that faithful Saturday afternoon when my dad called me to his room as usual to give me one of his numerous Ankara fabrics as my Christmas gift , a very beautiful fabric at that and i took to my fashion blog page on Instagram @thatpurpledotstyle to look for the perfect style i would sew with that fabric when my mum called me and gave me another beautiful sequin lace fabric to add to my Asoebi collection . Later that evening a funny thought came to my mind and i decided to follow my heart….. Trust me you wouldn’t want to know what that thought was …….







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