Stylish Boost Confidence by Jide Adesina 


Hey thatpurpledotnation , it’s been a very long while I wrote on this platform and that’s because I’ve been a bit occupied with the clothing line (story for another day ) but not to worry lovers, I’m sure I’m back for good . 

Today, I want to share someone’s insight on keeping the balance between trends and his personal style and this time  I’m talking about a male fashionista. 

Jide  Adeshina is a London based stylist who is the founder of The Stylish Bloke , a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog . 

Here goes what he has to say on Style Boost Confidence 

“The effect improving your personal style has on your confidence cannot be overemphasized. Have you had a family member or friend who improved their style and dress sense suddenly? You’ll probably notice that they became more confident and it can also change your perception about them and the way you interact with them ” 

“It can be a bit difficult sometimes to quantify the effect of being stylish or improving your personal style. It changes your poise and attracts the right kind of attention to you.  When you are dressed appropriately, people treat and approach you with great regards. Your appearance and the way you dress has a POWERFUL link to your confidence. It makes you feel more successful and instantly improves your drawing power and attractiveness “

“Most men desire ways to feel more like an alpha male , to be admired and held in high esteem . They aspire to walk into a social gathering and everyone turns around and takes notice of them . There is no shortcut to achieve this. As a matter of fact,one of the ways to achieve this is to cultivate and improve your personal style and appearance . Our clothes affect other people’s impression of us “

“The first step to boosting your confidence with style is admiring the man you see in the mirror . If you do not pay attention to your appearance or subconsciously dress shabby, you are unlikely to admire what you see in the mirror . You are likely to belittle yourself if you do not like what you see in the mirror which then makes you lose confidence  in your own worth . It then affects the way people perceive you and treat you according to the image and attitude you portray.  Once you improve your dress sense and pay more attention to your personal style , your self confidence will improve significantly and it will send out an immense social signal “

“In conclusion, I must add that as men there is no justification not to pay attention to and improve your personal style . The benefits outweigh the disadvantages that’s if there are any. The good thing is that it does not have to be expensive, what is key is that your outfits are properly fitted to your body shape and preference.  Once you improve your dress sense, your style will be revamped and people will take notice.  The principal thing is to make the effort. It might seem like alot of work but it will be entirely worth it and your confidence will be at a  higher level”

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