Welcome To The DOT™

It’s Purple, It’s Simple, Probably Catchy! :D, Lmao, I Know It’s Catchy

I Mean That Why I Like It, And In Chose it

But Just Before You Ask Tho!?, What It Means Yeh?

It Actually Stands For Something, Now That I That i’ve thought about

I Kinda Wish It Didn’t 8-| …Kiddin 😀

Anyways. ThatPurpleDOT™!!!

or PurpleDOT™!!!, Whichever you comfortable with.

It Simply an Acronym which says “That Purple Deciphering Of TRUTH”


“Deciphering of TRUTH”

Lmao, I Know You Where Expecting Something Serious, But I Had To Be Intense :(,

But Oh well, I Need To Stop Playing Around, Lmaooooo, I’ve Laughed Too Much 😐

So. PurpleDOT™

PurpleDOT™ is an aesthetic and a realistic platform which i hope to share the newest information’s

from the latest fashions Tips: Makeup tips, Beauty Products and Tips, the do’s and don’ts of every season etc.

to Lifestyle, Health Tips, Cooking Recipes, and possibly, possible relationship challenges and solutions.

with a little bit of current Affairs…Maybe,

So Yeah, Welcome to