ThatPurpleDot’s Style Crush 

Hey guys! How have you all been? I’m super excited to write this piece today and I know it’s  a new year and we are here to slay together for the better … For a couple of months I’ve been stalking someone I can call a role model… Did I just say role model? Oh […]

    When we talk about having the best of both worlds, Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa seems to be one of the celebrities enjoying these at the moment. A thespian with a knack for good entertainment, Dayo has carved a niche for herself in the industry. The actress started are journey playing action roles in […]

Reswaging your oldie

Reswaging your oldie can be very interesting and funny too because you actually cannot tell what you can make outta that old forgotten or abandoned piece in your wardrobe. Today I decided to make a kimono jacket out of an old wrapper lol!! This jacket was made with no sewing of any kind. It was […]


The turban is one trend that has made 2016 a little more interesting in the fashion world .  Varying from the female to the Male world, this statement headpiece has gone viral .  Formerly used by the Muslim women and Indian men , the headpiece has finally penetrated and is now a must have trend  […]

Retro Me: Vintage fairy 

I ran into an old friend some weeks ago, we got talking and we saw a lady with the high and mighty afro, black lipstick and some mixed prints attire ( which i’ll talk about soon) suddenly my friend screamed ” Oh! My God this is so vintage and I’m like (Egba miiiii o , […]

My Nail Art 

I love fancy nails although ain’t got a beautiful natural nail but I tend to rock the artificial nails more and comfortably.    Carrying fancy nails can be breath taking but it’s also advisable to treat your natural nails well before fixing on them cos if they are injured or not treated well the fancy […]