Top 2015 Ankara LookBook

Yay!!! Its the end of the year and 2015 has indeed been a wonderful fashionable year for us. We had a variety of choices on what to wear to weddings,offices,cooperate events, parties etc. And of course the Ankara specie was no exception. Going from the usual skirt and blouse style to becoming something more contemporary. […]

The Royal Blue

     Holla! Lovelies. 2015 is fading away and we wondering if its fashion trends will scale through 2016. From the crop tops tingy to the backless dresses to the off shoulder tops to matching prints etc.  The Royals is one trend that has always been and will continue to be. From being worn in […]


     OUTTA OUTER SPACE.                          Could it be true? Yes. Most stories heard are true except those carried by people whom your progress don’t excite but smile with you “frenemies” and some told @ night to little children to make them Is […]