How to fix smelly feet

A quick and easy guide to stopping stinky feet. We are not judging you. This is a problem that has occurred at least once in every man’s life. You get to work, everything seems the same as before, until you smell something…funky. “Did someone leave a rotting sandwich under your desk?” Unfortunately, no—the sandwich you […]

Men’s Guide to choosing a bag…

When it comes to style, men are really giving a tough competition with women and wardrobe items like men’s carrier bag are gaining variety and creating an immense effect among men’s style. Of course, choosing the right bag can often be confusing and intimidating especially since there are plenty of options to choose from out […]

Look Thinner With Just Fashion …….

We know, we know: A healthy diet and a dedicated fitness routine are the keys to the weight-loss kingdom (sigh), but there are times when we’re all a little less diligent than we should be. Whether we’re too busy to count calories and hit the gym, or we’re just enjoying indulging for a change, we’ve […]

Highlight and Contour

makeup artists create the perfect, porcelain face for a photo shoot?  It is not as difficult as you may think. It involves using a highlighter with lighter shades, to help reflect light and contouring with darker shades, to detract the light.  You can alter the look of your face and features with just some very […]

Fabulous Kimono Jackets……..

HELLO DOLLS!!! Today we gonna be talking about fabulous ways of rocking a Kimono jacket…. You think of a kimono, the first image that pops into your mind probably isn’t a long, sheer, cardigan-type piece of clothing. When I first heard that kimono jackets were a big trend for spring and summer, I was a […]


Hey Dolls, I’ve recently found a better way of lining and getting a smoother lips and preparing it for the lipsticks/lipstain ? The first step is to fix your tired and chapped lips by exfoliating using brown sugar (or any other sugar) paste. ? This is necessary for a clean base.It is important for the […]

The best sunglasses for your face shape.

Round– The goal here is to find a pair of shades that will elongate and stretch your face. Choose narrow frames for a slimming effect and avoid anything that gives you a major cat-eye or has lenses that peak out past the edges of your face and flatter your looks. Square– Avoid square frames and […]

Contemporary Ethnic!!!!

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an huge fashion influx of what is commonly known as “tribal” or “ethnic” prints in big box retail stores as well as online fashion shops. H&M, Amazon, ASOS, Forever 21, Zara and many others have been selling these African-inspired designs on a number of items— African dresses, wallets, […]